What’s So Confusing About Grace?

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What's So Confusing About Grace
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Do I agree with everything Randal Rauser says and with every way he put things? I do not. Do I think that what he says and how he says it is so sensible and so helpful that I am going to buy copies of this book to give to relatives, friends, students—even my own sons? I do.

John G. Stackhouse, Jr., Samuel J. Mikolaski Professor of Religious Studies, Crandall University

We need more books like this! In a style both engaging and accessible, Randal Rauser graciously invites us to reexamine some of our most basic Christian beliefs. Drawing upon key questions, crises, and revelations from his spiritual journey, Rauser creates the much needed space to help readers reflect on their own. Smartly written and wonderfully honest, this book will deepen your faith and increase your love for God. Highly recommended!

Eric Seibert, Professor of Old Testament, Messiah College

I was prepared to hear the tale of Randal Rauser’s theological journey from angsty certitudes to 50 shades of complex faith. What I didn’t reckon on was that he’d been in my own head and outed my particular spiritual trek. That made for a sometimes-perturbing, sometimes-hilarious walk down and back out of memory lane, reaffirming the Spirit’s guidance and grace thus far. It’s also daunting knowing this Gospel we pursue might yet double-down on what’s been revealed and expected so far. But less so knowing that we’ll walk the Way with companions like Dr. Rauser, whose retrospective wisdom invites me from dourness to mirth. Much appreciated!

Brad Jersak, PhD, author of A More Christlike God


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